Seasonings, lemon juice, 0 calorie butter

Oven Fried Chicken and Broccoli

Delicious chicken and firm broccoli - 350 calories

Chicken Breast


No shell Fajitas

mixed peppers, chicken, cheese, spanish rice, low fat sour cream - 402- calories

Bunless Turkey Burger with spinach

Tomato and onion and sweet potatoes- 345 calories

BBQ Roasted Chicken and green beans

BBQ sauce, chicken - 300-Calories

Chicken Pot Pie

All tasty veggies and chicken in a smooth sauce in a flaky crust- 402 calories


diced chicken, cranberry and pecan mix, tomatoes, celery, diced egg - 396 Calories

Stuffed peppers

350 (calories) multi colored pepper, califlower rice, ground turkey, peppers, onion, seasonings

BBQ Chicken

300 calories, bbq sauce, chicken seasonings, 0 calorie butter


(425 calories) Ground turkey, onion, pepper, vegan breadcrumbs, Apple cider vinegar, honey

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip

(400 calories ) with (chips 160 calories)- roast chicken, hot sauce, cheddar cheese, Greek yogurt

Mixed Veggies or Broccoli

40 calories - Mixed Greens- 45 calories

Mixed greens and turkey

( 300 calories) - kale greens, mustard greens, smoked turkey, seasonings


Broccoli - 45 calories
Green beans - 60 calories
Sweet Potatoes - 95 calories
Broccoli mix - 50 calories

Baked Chicken and Brussel sprouts

 (260 calories)- chicken thighs or legs and Brussel sprouts- seasonings, apple cider vinegar, olive oil 

Spicy Tacos Bake

(400 calories)- ground turkey, chicpeas, low carb wrap, cheese 

Buffalo cauliflower w/ celery, carrots and ranch

(250 calories) cauliflower, seasonings, carrots and celery  

Salmon and broccoli

fresh salmon w_ seasonings and broccoli w/ butter and seasonings  

*Seasonings included tumeric, Mrs.Dash, garlic, Olde Bay, Onion powder, cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper*

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